Write an essay on features of indian cultural heritage

After the fall of Buddhism and the rise of Hinduism idol worship became popular and building of temples on a large scale started in the south and the Deccan as well as in the north. Another significant development was the emergence of a new language Urdu. The components of material culture are all the creations objects of the human kind and mind, for example, cars, faucets, computers, trees, minerals just to mention but a few.

Kabir and Nanak, disapproved of religious narrow mindedness. All the protests that Ghandi ji initiated have one thing in common, which is the usage of peaceful and non-violent methods. There are two major schools of classical music—the Hindustani and the Karnataka.

Of late, cotton fabric is being mixed with others to give extra shine and durability. It produced changes in thought and outlook. The people from other cultures and civilizations have brought with them their own traditions which got intermixed and integrated with the pre-existing traditions.

The diversity of language in some parts of the world shows how it can influence the culture of the societies in such a country. India has a rich literary heritage. This has been made possible because of high level of tolerance among the people which in turn is taught and transferred through Indian culture.

Once at Mecca, he slept with his feet pointing to the holy book. One has to admit that Indian sages and philosophers had started pondering on great issues more than years ago which have been raised in the West only in the last century. The came a period when narrow-mindedness entered Indian ways of thinking.

Indian muslins are world famous for their lightness and comfort. A new orientation has been given to Indian life. Similarly, religious beliefs, god worship, rituals and dances find their roots in ancient Indian tradition.

After the Pandavas, fulfill their part of the bargain, the Dhartarashtras resist to restore half of the Kingdom to Pandavas. Guru Nanak believed that honest life would lead to salvation and freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Essay on the Cultural Heritage of India

The use of language enables the creation of visual images, distinction from outsiders thus maintaining societal solidarity and boundaries. In this task he put into practice the basic wisdom of ancient India.

Indian culture is actually an outcome of continuous synthesis and has absorbed many external influences in the course of long jurney of history. The components for the non-material culture include symbols, languages, values, and norms.

Indian culture is known for family values, societal bonding and respect for elders. It is without doubt that India has a rich cultural heritage and that we have excelled in different spheres. Ramayana is the other great Indian epic that takes place in India around B.

Language in its influence on perception, values guiding what the society should be and norms forming the customs of the society. Rama accompanied with his wife, Sita, and his brother, Lakshma, leaves the palace immediately.

Greco-Roman influence could be seen on the eyes, forehead and the hairstyles of the sculptures produced during the period around the place.

Kathakali of Kerela and Oddissi from Orissa are other very important traditional dance forms in India. A new system of exploitation of one country by the dominant classes and groups of another country came into being.

During the same period temple carvings were done and huge temples were built with figure and themes carved on them. Free India is a successor to a glorious past. Similarly, paintings could be found on the walls of the houses, later, when the Indians started practicing agriculture and started a settled life.

While many of the invaders came as looters and plunderers, others made India their home. The ghagra-cholis have been modified for bridal wear as lehenga-choli-dupatta. The transformation of raw material into useable forms through the employment of knowledge is paramount in the achievement of material culture.Cultural Heritage of India – Essay.

Article shared by. We must ensure that modern India does not at any stage forget its rich cultural heritage—a legacy of our ancient seers, philosophers afid sages.

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This essay will describe my Indian cultural heritage and include a critical analysis of my family practices, traditions, norms and values.

Cultural Heritage of India – Essay

Indian Culture Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. July 5, The Mahabharata is one of the two most epic poems that embodies the essence of the Indian cultural heritage. The epic poem is an absorbing tale of a feud between two branches of a single Indian ruling family that culminates in a vast, cataclysmic battle.

Do My Paper Write My Essay. Essay on Cultural Heritage of India. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On August 29, By Vinay. The cultural heritage of a country is immensely precious. In its absence the nation will have to start everything anew, make fresh experiments, commit blunders and falteringly step forward.

Indian culture has always looked to the. Cultural Diversity in India Traditions and customs do define our cultural heritage as a country. These aspects bring out identity and recognition amidst the vast rising modernism.

Cultural Diversity In India (Essay Sample) June 1, by admin Essay Samples, The large population enhances the Indian cultural identity and diversity. It plays a significant role in the development of the country. Read on to know more about the cultural heritage of India.

The study of ancient history and culture shows how rich and diversified is Indian heritage. The facts about the ancient Indus Valley Civilization leave one awestruck in terms of the logical and rational thinking and.

Write an essay on features of indian cultural heritage
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