What is sequestration

The sequestration of witnesses differs from that of jurors. When security is given in order to obtain the sequestration of real property which brings a revenue, the judge must require that it be given for an amount sufficient to compensate the defendant, not only for all damage which he may sustain, but also for the privation of such revenue, during the pendency of the action.

Because the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction did not come to agreement on any plan, the lower caps went into effect. But some of that money would have had to be used to enter into contracts to be provided and paid for in What is sequestration years. You can help by adding to it.

In jury trials, judges sometimes choose to sequester the jurors, or place them beyond public reach. A plaintiff wishing to obtain an order of sequestration in What is sequestration one of the cases above provided, must annex to the petition in which he prays for such an order, an affidavit, setting forth the cause for which he claims such order, he must besides, execute his obligation in favor of the defendant, for such sum as the court shall determine, with the surety of one good and solvent person, residing within the jurisdiction of the court, to be responsible for such damages as the defendant may sustain, in case such sequestration should have been wrongfully obtained.

The Budget Control Act of which includes the sequester is the primary difference. The sequesters would take place if the federal deficit exceeded a set of fixed deficit targets.

Although unpopular with jurors, sequestration has two broad purposes. Discretionary spending will fall steadily from 8. In International Lawthe term sequestration signifies confiscation.

Obligations and titles may also be sequestered, when their ownership is in dispute. A creditor by special mortgage shall have the power of sequestering the mortgaged property, when he apprehends that it will be removed out of the state before he can have the benefit of his mortgage, and will make oath of the facts which induced his apprehension.

See, generally, as to this species of sequestration, 19 Vin. The first is to avoid the accidental tainting of the jury, and the second is to prevent others from intentionally tampering with the jurors by bribe or threat.

Replenishing this fiscal capacity will give future Congresses and Administrations greater scope to deal with unforeseen events.

The current generation of rising scientists will find it particularly hard to fund their research projects. Some would have been used to enter into contracts to buy goods or services to be provided and paid for next year or in subsequent years.

The process for determining the amount of the automatic cuts was found unconstitutional in the case of Bowsher v. Criminal cases were being closed. A defendant against whom a mandate of sequestration has been obtained, except in cases of failure, may have the same set aside, by executing his obligation in favor of the sheriff, with one good and solvent surety, for whatever amount the judge may determine, as being equal to the value of the property to be left in his possession.

Upon the return of non est inventus to a commission of rebellion, a sergeant-at-arms may be moved for; and if he certifies that the defendant cannot be taken, a motion may be made upon his certificate, for an order for a sequestration.

Some of the automatic spending reductions target mandatory spending, leading to some fluctuation in estimates of the discretionary funding. All species of property, real or personal, as well as the revenue proceeding from the same, may be sequestered.The budget sequestration in refers to the automatic spending cuts to United States federal government spending in particular categories of outlays that were initially set to begin on January 1,as an austerity fiscal policy as.

the trapping of a chemical in the atmosphere or environment and its isolation in a natural or artificial storage area: Carbon sequestration can reduce global warming. the process of implementing an automatic cut in government spending across most departments, agencies, etc.: efforts to avoid or delay sequestration.

Sequestration is becoming a buzzword on the campaign trail for Republican presidential candidates.

Budget sequestration

The term, which refers to spending limits on the federal government, has long been the source of. Sequestration. In the context of trials, the isolation of a jury from the public, or the separation of witnesses to ensure the integrity of testimony.


In other legal contexts the. Aug 15,  · Sequestration refers to automatic spending cuts that occur through the withdrawal of funding for certain (but not all) government programs.

CBO provides estimates of the statutory caps on discretionary funding and an assessment of whether sequestration might be necessary under current budgetary rules, but the.

Sequestration definition is - the act of sequestering: the state of being sequestered. How to use sequestration in a sentence. the act of sequestering: the state of .

What is sequestration
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