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Jordan has no oil, very little farmland and very little unity and strength. Oman consists of two parts, the large eastern corner of the peninsula and a small but critical cape to the north, the Musandam Peninsula.

Qanats are tunnels dug into water bearing rock strata at an angle, so that the water drains to the surface. Oil Production As you can see above, oil plays a large part in the economy and well being of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Syria earns substantial revenue from its cotton exports, but oil earns most of the income. Jebel al Akhdar is a small range of mountains located in northeastern Oman, bordering the Gulf of Oman. Southwest Asia can best be summed up as a B climate, desert and steppe, West asia outline the Arabian Peninsula being the driest with an West asia outline rain fall of four inches a year.

Different actions were strongly discouraged, for example: Its ongoing conflict with Saudi Arabia and their disagreements in territorial boarders spells trouble for Yemen in the future.

The agricultural development influences villages far away from Mesopotamia. The sheik is an absolute monarch in each of the emirates.

What Are the Countries in West Asia?

The winds are dry and dusty, with occasional gusts up to 80 kilometres per hour 50 miles per hour and often kick up violent sand and dust storms that can carry sand a few thousand meters high, and can close down airports for short periods of time.

The sharqi or sharki is a wind that comes from the south and southeast. The country began to fall apart in when a civil war broke out between the Muslims and the West asia outline. Yemen was recently formed from North and South Yemen to form a multiparty, secular, democratic state, the only one in the region.

This weather effect occurs anywhere from once to several times a year. Syria has a population around 16 million with 75 percent of them Sunni Muslim. The industrialization and modernization are both due to the oil industry.

The Empire States Turkey is a mountainous country of generally moderate relief and considerable environmental diversity ranging from steppe to highland. The dominance of Arabic and Turkish is the result of the medieval Arab and Turkic invasions beginning with the Islamic conquests of the 7th century AD, which displaced the formerly dominant Aramaic and Hebrew in the Levant, and Greek in Anatolia, although Hebrew is once again the dominant language in Israeland Aramaic spoken largely by Assyrians and Greek both remain present in their respective territories as minority languages.

Climate of Asia Western Asia is primarily arid and semi-aridand can be subject to droughtbut it also contains vast expanses of forest and fertile valleys.

Islam wanted all of its followers to be unified. Deserts, steppes, and mountains dominate the physical environment in Southwest Asia.

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The population is about 5 million with the Jewish religion dominating the country. Its economy is by far the weakest, with very limited oil production.

These mountains also contain deposits of gold, silver and metals which the Saudis hope to add to their large amounts of oil in the east, to diversify their exports. The coastal belt below the mountains, though intensively cultivated, cannot produce enough grain to feed the population.

The ten-year war with Iraq, which ended inleft Iran very poor and with a tough road ahead. In an exiled Ayatollah holy man named Khomeini returned to Iran from exile in France and a revolution exploded which ran the leader, Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlave, out of the country.These AP World History regional outlines break up world history topics and show how they progressed in different time periods, i.e.

politics, religion, economics, etc.

Southwest Asia

These regional outlines, South Asia; United States; Western Europe ‹ Glossary up Africa. WESTERN ASIA The boundries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. Final boundary between the. Central & Southwest Asia W E N S 1, 1, mi 0 km 0.

Title: Central & Southwest Asia (no labels).eps Author: Houghton Mifflin Created Date: 9/15/ AM. Map of West and Southwest Asia This printable outline of West and Southeast Asia is a great printable resource to build students geographical skills.

This is an excellent way to challenge your students to color and label all key parts of these countries. Southwest Asia is known as the "Arab World" and "Islamic World." These are the realm's two biggest cultural links.

The Arabic language is the most common spoken language throughout the realm, although in many areas of the realm it is not used by most of the people. central & southwest asia afghanistan armenia azerbaijan yemen oman oman pakistan r ussia saudi arabia somalia egypt ethiopia eritrea sudan georgia ukraine india.

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