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Thus, we also set them as the choices in our questionnaire question 13 in Appendix A for asking the causes. Also, it relies on the employees itself of managing a balance between work and family life and their own experiences where organizations have no control over.

It becomes a very important issue to Motorola for employees having an equal time split and balancing between work and life time as diversity management aims to support employees with equal opportunity and forecasting a happy working environment. Conclusions In conclusion, after discussing the assumptions and current issues of work life balance as well as the problems highlighted, it suggested that it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of work life balance.

According to Lockwoodthe working definitions of terms used regarding work-life balance covering different aspects, including work-family, which refers to the work-life balance in specific areas such as quality of life, flexible workoption, life balance etc. Also, people caring for elderly in the labour force will increase as a result of this.

It is difficult to measure the efficiency and the balance between work and life.

A Study on Work Life Balance Essay

It stated that there is an enormous increase of working mothers in contemporary world, which suggested that It suggested that there are significant increase of men are contributing to childcare rather than following by the tradition that women should stay at home and look after the children Maron, However more recently the concept has been recognised as more complex and has been developed to incorporate additional components.

For example, a person who works only three days a week and spends the rest of the week with their family or friends may be unbalanced in terms of time, but may be highly satisfied with the level of involvement in both work and family balanced satisfaction and may also be equally committed to the work and non-work roles balanced involvement.

On the other hand, gender has been considered a major issue of work life balance, many people still believe on the assumptions of women are the identity as housewives and women careers would directly affect the commitments and performance at work. This causes the improvement in employee performance in the work place and positive public image for the organisations Everyone is looking for perfect balance in life as this can be the key to a healthy living.

Hall as well as the levels of pressure and working time. For instance, IKEA offers a coffee breaks to workers for interaction in a positive environment. This results in lower stress in the work place and greater enjoyment in the home Guest, This lead to a higher employment and growth in the contemporary diversity management Nick Bloom, Tobias Kretschmer, Caring for elderly is becoming a growing issue for many employers and employees.

Due to these huge costs employers are always on the hunt for ways to retain employees within their organisations. Findings From Questionnaire A survey was carried out from 6th Feb to 9th March by asking Deloitte audit, tax and compliance staffs to fill a questionnaire. More importantly, IKEA provides flexible career break arrangements such as marriage leave, parental leave, childcare leave or moving house leave etc.

Australia is heading towards a skills shortage due to its aging population and declining population growth ABS, In order to have a better understanding of the causes that lead to imbalance work and non-work life, literature review is carried out in advance and we find that the causes are mainly: Both questionnaire and interviews were applied for data collection tool.

From an organizational view, to manage work life balance effectively at the workplace, they can promote a message to employees the importance of work and life and prevent any conflicts between work and non-wok interaction if they want to build up a good employees relations with the organization J.

However, Motorola offers an alternative opportunities for women who wants to maintain a balance between work and family life. These include and not limited to Better physical and mental health of employees Earlier return to work after maternity leave Reduced absenteeism.

Reaching the top of the corporate ladder rapidly by sacrificing quality family time and working too much can have a heavy negative impact on family life. As mentioned earlier, pragmatism and inductive approach was used for the research methodology. Therefore, it increases the awareness that organizations has to introduce flexible working arrangement to due with this issue in terms of being ethical and equality.

The organization has to provide at least 12 weeks leave in a year for their birth, individuals or family illness. A government organisation might opt to consider flexible work conditions due to their responsibility towards public, but a private organisation which is driven by profit might not consider flexible work conditions to seek approval from public.

In addition, Motorola stated that most of the job sharing workers are women where most of them are unable to work as a full time workers according to their family life and commitments.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Furthermore, IKEA introduced health promotion to employees which allow employees to have a healthy working time.

This is a totally new work life balance initiatives in organizations where they offer flexible hours of work and arrangements but also physical health care.

Therefore, it is important that organizations introduce flexible working arrangement in terms of providing positive working environment to employees Caleb Rosado, PH. The questionnaire sampling was based on the random sampling approach while interview with mangers belongs to purposive sampling.

Work Life Balance

Many organisations are reluctant to implement flexible work conditions due to concerns about the cost implications. This has enlightened and developed the practice of diversity management where it can be seen that organizations are continuing developing the issue of work life balance in terms of being ethical and equality.

Traditionally employment was considered the means to which you support your private life. As you can see elderly population has a trend to grow in coming years. The concept of family has evolved rapidly in the past few decades to encompass extended families, same-sex relationships, single parents, shared parenting, and a wide range of social communities.

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IKEA offers foot care and massage for them during their working time.ACCEPTANCE This thesis, A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF WORK-LIFE BALANCE IN INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC GRADUATE ASSISTANTS AND SUPERVISORS, by SHAINA ERVIN, was prepared under the direction of the candidate’s Thesis Advisory.

Work life balance What are the benefits and barriers associated with the achievement of a work – life balance for employees and employers? The sources referred include various journals, books, doctoral thesis, working papers, reports, magazines, internet sites, newspapers etc and has been reflected as references at the end.

Keyword. This is the sentence that brings the idea when we talk of work-life balance. When we work every day, all day, with no time set aside for living. THE IMPACT OF WORK-LIFE BALANCE ON THE WELLBEING OF EMPLOYEES IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN IRELAND Malgorzata Kluczyk Masters in Business Administration School of Business National College of Ireland Submitted to the National College of Ireland, Submission of Thesis and Dissertation National College of Ireland.

With regard to the outcome variables work-life balance and job satisfaction, results of the thesis suggest that work engagement is of crucial importance for employee’s job satisfaction and work-life balance. Graduate Theses and Dissertations Iowa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations Work life balance and job satisfaction among faculty at Iowa State University.

Thesis about work life balance
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