The future of automobiles essay

Audi RSQ The cars of the future are going to be gorgeous; they will look very sleek and fast due to aero dynamic properties of the cars.

Future Cars Essay

Many car companies are already working with Apple to integrate Siri into automobiles, creating virtual personal assistants in the car to help us with routes, The future of automobiles essay information, and the scheduling of our day.

Then there is the Traffic Jam Assistant from BMW ; cars move along in a congested traffic area just like a school of fish. MIT has looked into some very promising vehicle concepts that allow for small footprint in the city and a more safety and dynamic configuration for the open road.

In many metro areas, a well-organised public transportation system will be the most effective way to move large numbers of people.

In a small, turbo-charged, rotary engine might serve as a range extender — used only a few days a year, but good to have on board. Wikipedia Ethanol Vehicles Future cars will be technologically advanced and much more advance in the alternative fuels.

But the personal automobile as we know it will have much competition: For a start, will there even be cars in ? Will people become tired of getting behind the wheel, as recent studies suggest? We may also have some other kinds of automobiles, which are small, highly efficient mobility pods similar to the GM EN-V concept or autonomous vehicles like the Induct Navia.

But what will actually drive these cars? Another major problem is the battery that stores the electricity in the cars, there is no environmentally friendly way to dispose of the battery, you cannot truly dispose an electric battery unless you reuse it.

The commuter of the future may have a "personal mobility portfolio", with the car being only one part of it. Cars will probably require that drivers monitor what the vehicle does and switch from one mode to another — such as highway driving to city driving.

Hands-free driving The automobile in will be self-driving. Ethanol cars still emit pollution into the atmosphere but it is much greener than oil and gas.

Will we still be able to recognise it? Publicly organised on-demand transportation systems that can accommodate up to six people will bring travellers automatically to their destination in downtown areas, and then move on to serve others.

We basically tell the app where we want to go and, based on our preferences, three different optimised transportation modes will be offered, similar to the three different routes that a GPS navigation system offers us today.

While fuel-cell technology has already come a long way Daimler and Toyota are at the forefront of this evolutionthere are still challenges to overcome, such as where to get the hydrogen from.

The electricity grid is likely to include a much higher percentage of renewable energy by then, so everyday driving will be cleaner as well. In general, the daily commute will be in an electric vehicle with no combustion engine. Digital frontier Personal mobility will become more of a service, one that companies such as Google have recognised.

The car will be totally integrated into a greater mobility network. The cars of the future will be almost all computerized, and the engine will be completely modified for the fuel.

The earth has an abundance of water therefore we can use the hydrogen in the water if we need lots of hydrogen for fuel. We are already seeing beyond existing car-sharing schemes, such as ZipCarwhere people can book cars for the hours in which they actaully need them.

Another range extender might be wireless power transfer to the vehicle as it moves along the highway. As mobile technology has allowed us to make decisions on everything in an instant and away from home, we will want those same freedoms in our cars.

It is safe to assume that it will still have four seats and wheels and might still resemble a metal box. The gas prices are sky rocketing and eventually gas will be too expensive for most Americans, we need to bring those gas prices down, and alternatives are cheap and affordable.

This is a crucial question: It is unclear if there will be an answer by The car of might be relatively easy to recognise, which might not be true for the phone or computer. Carbon fibre or other lightweight material might replace steel. It might still have a steering wheel, maybe just a joystick.

An automobile might be there to drive for pleasure on the weekend the affection for the car will probably not go away completely. Will an invention that will be years old by then be replaced by something better?

And maybe there will be some sort of morphing shape. An alternative is hydrogen-powered vehicles, converting hydrogen into electricity in a fuel cell.Essay on Future of Automobiles - The basic tenets of geometry dictate that the shortest distance between two points on a plane is a straight line.

Unfortunately, Euclid and the other theorists of mathematics do not explain exactly how one is to traverse that distance. Future of Cars Vehicles have been around Europe and the United States since the late 19th century.

Henry Ford was the first person to produce inexpensive vehicles quickly and was the one to start Ford Motor Company. The cars we’ll be driving in the world of Many car companies are already working with Apple to integrate Siri into automobiles, creating virtual.

The Past, Present, and Future of Automobiles. Automobiles have evolved greatly since the first one was invented in the 's. They went from 2 horse driven to horse power. Automobiles have become the most popular mode of transportation since horseback a couple of hundred years ago.

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The cars we’ll be driving in the world of 2050

Cars of the future won’t take flight, but they will do a lot of things on their own. We explore how smart cars actually will become by the year Future Cars Essay Page history last edited by Smith 7 years, 3 months ago.

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The future of automobiles essay
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