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Subsequent to developing planning assumptions, you define the key components of the strategic plan, including the mission why we existthe vision where we are headed in the next two to five yearsthe value proposition how we add value to the companythe critical success factors what we need to be successfulthe key performance indicators how we are to be measured against our vision and value propositionthe goals specifically, what we are going to achieveand finally, the strategic initiatives what three to five major actions shared services canada business plan are going to take to achieve our goals.

The transition is now projected to reach completion by March Together, they support the results and delivery agenda through numerous actions, including overseeing the implementation of outcomes-based approaches, identifying appropriate results, and working across departments to support Government-wide priorities.

The Branch shared services canada business plan responsible for running day-to-day operational Service Management activities as a priority. Provide efficient, secure, and cost-effective IT procurement services to enable the expanded SSC mandate created by OiC In addition to these priorities, SSC will use the funds allocated in the Federal Budget to replace mission-critical IT infrastructure that has reached the end of its normal lifecycle and to reinstate expired maintenance contracts.

In —17, SSC will put more emphasis on communications and engagement of employees to continue building the Blueprint culture going forward. Implement enterprise network and telecommunication services 8. They do this by consolidating locations and management roles, most commonly at service delivery leader level.

It is our experience that the value question for SSOs never seems to go away. The bottom level represents the Government of Canada priorities. This Strategic Plan has set out the direction for IT in the federal government over the next four years.

In the wider context, the departmental Environmental Scan E-Scan describes trends and factors that may have an impact on transformation initiatives and service delivery. The Department will also continue to pursue a government-wide perspective on IT risk which acknowledges the central role that SSC plays in supporting partners and clients across the GC.

On a broader scale, SSC is improving its decision-making processes by embedding performance results in internal reporting and review mechanisms. Financial Management and Sustainability: Off-shore Work is carried out anywhere in the world that is not on-shore or near-shore This is not just to take advantage of wage arbitrage but to appreciate the talents of particular economies in delivering specific service offerings.

The top two levels include SSC-specific initiatives. The Department offers optional services on a cost-recovery basis to other federal organizations. A strong focus has been placed on the importance of relating accurate, timely, and evidence-based information when reporting on progress and achievements of departments.

Working collaboratively across departments, they achieve results and support Government-wide top priorities while proactively finding solutions to difficult implementation issues.

This has proven to be extremely useful for companies in acquisition mode that are trying to absorb the shared service work of the newly acquired company efficiently. In addition, they can adopt a more commercial approach to pricing, supplier management and service delivery, allowing them to manage cost, risk and supply and demand most effectively.

Implement a Shared Services Model

The key element here is the timeline. SSC also regularly publishes communications to partners regarding best practices and uses for mobile devices. Submit Your Challenge Implementing a shared services model is a difficult process to undertake, and is comprised of many different components.

To focus an organization on becoming world class with processes that deliver the highest levels of performance that are better than those of its peer group.

Although the amount of KPIs chosen differs greatly it is generally accepted that fewer than 10 carefully chosen KPIs will deliver the best results. However, the failures of these projects are increasingly being reported by the press [9] and exposed by opposition politicians.

In the private sector[ edit ] The private sector has been moving towards shared services since the beginning of the s. Typically included in the scan are customers, employees, competitors, the company and its industry and corporate expectations.

SSC is planning to improve how departments transmit classified information by establishing a secure, single Government of Canada Secret Infrastructure.

Clearly, the use of off-shore facilities by a government department is not an example of shared services. The question regarding expansion is, how can I continue to find more efficient means of sourcing the work so I can expand my service and continue to satisfy my value proposition?

Due to technical issues, account migration was halted in Novemberand is expected to resume in Additionally, the SSO leaders of today have a more significant business background and are accustomed to developing and utilizing a strategic plan.

Service Delivery and Partnership Collaboration: Areas covered in the E-Scan include information and communication technology, government priorities, service delivery, and society and the economy.

These capabilities are not typical for the average IT shop, and need to be taken into consideration when you look to transition to a shared services model.

Because integrated shared services take customer needs rather than functional priorities as their basis for service design, it improves the service experience for customers, enabling them to really focus on what is core for the business.

This is critical to success. The organization providing services essentially turns into a vendor. For another client, we designed the vision and strategy for a new integrated shared services organisation, comprising 6, employees and delivering business services to overpeople around the world.Your Challenge.

Shared Services Canada plan to outsource jobs spiked by Ottawa

Implementing a shared services model is a difficult process to undertake, and is comprised of many different components. Becoming a shared services provider is comparable to becoming a vendor and most IT groups don’t have the capabilities to easily make the transition.

Shared Services is one of the resounding successes of the last decade proven to be a services to multiple business units at a lower cost and higher quality.

B. T. Generating Significant Value with Oracle ERP Shared Services | 8. Leverage Technology. The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of global shared services and outsourcing professionals Strategic Planning for Shared Services.

SSO leaders having a more significant business background and being accustomed to developing and utilizing a strategic plan, we can expect to. It is our pleasure to present Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) Integrated Business Plan (IBP) for – This plan describes SSC’s mandate, context and priorities and draws attention to specific activities we will undertake to achieve these priorities in – Shared Services Canada.

Shared Services Canada (SSC) is responsible for delivering mandated email, data centre and network services to partner organizations in a consolidated and standardized manner to support the delivery of Government of Canada programs and also provides certain optional technology-related services.

Strategic Planning for Shared Services

business organizations is the use of shared services. this entails the consolidation of administrative or support functions (such as human resources, finance.

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Shared services canada business plan
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