Reflection and refraction lab essays for scholarships

You should also include procedures, etc. Make sure you are looking through the water; it is very easy to confuse looking through with looking over the water. Move your eye down from the top of the dish until you see the ray from the two pins on the opposite side pass through the water.

In this part we will trace rays through a semi-circular tray or Petri dish of water using the pin technique. You previously drew the incident ray and angle?

On a separate sheet of paper, we created Table 1 with seven columns and ten rows to document the data we observed while we conducted our experiment.

The criterion is to include enough detail that the experiment can be reproduced at a later time without reference to the lab book.

Reflection and refraction - Lab Report Example

Without moving the lens, we rotated the platform in both directions and observed the incident ray, the faint ray that was reflected from the flat surface, and the more intense refracted ray that exited the curved surface.

No one uses underlining since the demise of the typewriter. Fill one side of a divided Petri dish about two-thirds full with water. The occurrence fulfilled our expected result that as light passed the border between media, depending upon the relative refractive indices of the two media, the light will either be refracted to a lesser angle, or a greater one.

Report the equipment used with the following criterion. If you worked with family or friends as partners, report that. Friction Coefficient is a calculation and should be reported in the Analysis section.

Recording that you used a pencil is kind of silly. Include all the calculations here, no new data. If you wanted to reproduce this experiment a year from now, what would you have to pick up? The Petri dish should be centered close to the normal line as shown in Figure 3.

Generally, a couple of paragraphs will be sufficient. This line represents the reflected ray. During our experiment, the angles of incidence were measured on both sides of the normal line because it gave the angles of reflection and refraction a more precise measurement.

Draw a horizontal line near the center of the paper, and then a second normal line perpendicular to and crossing the first line near the center of the paper. Index of refraction n is defined as: The materials that were needed for this experiment were: This will be the baseline.

Tape a fresh sheet of paper to the cardboard.Reflection and Refraction. Hands-On Labs, Inc. Version Lab Report Assistant. The intent is to facilitate students’ writing of lab reports by providing this information in an editable file which can be sent to an instructor.

Refraction refers to the property by which light bends when it travels from rarer to a denser or from a denser to a rarer medium.

If a ray of light is travell Free Essays; Essay writing help.

Reflection and Refraction Lab

Hire a writer Get paper rewritten Editing This phenomenon is known as total internal reflection and the angle of incidence is known as the. Question Lab Exercise 5: Reflection and Refraction GOALS (1) To verify the law of reflection by measuring some incident and reflection angles off of a mirrored.

Refraction, Reflection and Optics Refraction is the bending of waves as they pass from one medium to another, due to a change in their speed. The phenomenon is most commonly associated with light, but can also apply to sound, or even water, waves.

Essay about lab lab lab lab Lab #5: Refraction of. Reflection and Refraction Lab How can you measure reflection and refraction?

Reflection and Refraction Lab Page 3 Seeing reflection and refraction at the same time writing on it.

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d. Set the cup on the optics.

Refraction of Light Lab Answers

The diagrams demonstrate the concept of reflection and refraction. In the diagram above, a light ray strikes the mirror at a specific point, and the reflecte Free Essays.

Reflection and refraction lab essays for scholarships
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