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Caning also will encourage students to do something that is outside expectation. Sounds good on paper but did it work?

Caning: Education and Students

He later maintained that he was advised that such a plea would preclude caning and that his confession was false, that he never vandalized any cars, and that the only crime he committed was stealing signs. Australia ", in which Australia is to punish Bart via "booting"—a kick in the buttocks using a giant boot later reduced to a shoe.

Caning is a cruel punishment and it should be banned in the school. For example, student who are be bullying by the problematic student will Public caning essay afraid to face with that student and it can cause she or he do not came to school. The strangers resulted in bodily injury is not the right thing to these kids Audrey, Are we as parents happy with the state of discipline of our children at home and at school?

Whether the operating factor was fear or not, the end result was that students then understood what rules and regulations were and the price Public caning essay be paid for breaking them.

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If caning was painful then, they will take time to recovery. For instance, caning give physical suffering to student. As a result, they will express their feeling of anger and degrading towards another student and society where school should not be speaks Audrey, Teachers should be considering with the problem that have been done by the student before they cane them.

They can develop some programmed that include good attitudes, value and skill how to avoid from the aggressive behavior. So, the teacher should give some counseling and guide them for continue their life in the future without including themselves with the social problem.

Caning does more harm than good. In conclusion, caning is not only the method to teach the students because it could harm student mentally, physically and it can causes the increasing discipline problem among the students.

Order now For example, if the student being cane on doing something wrong that unnecessary to use cane to teach them, such as forgot to borrow text book then they will try to call their mother to send that book to the class because they will feel fear and panic in class and afraid that teacher could cane them if they do not borrow the book.


One man complained that he had to refinish his car six times in six months. For example, if the pain is difficult to heal, then it will take a longer period of time for healing.

Furthermore, it can create a problematic student. Two dozen United States senators signed a letter to the Singapore government also appealing for clemency. Parents must play Active role in tackling indiscipline. Fay was caned on May 5,at Queenstown Remand Centre.

After questioning Shiu, the police questioned several expatriate students from the Singapore American Schoolincluding Fay, and charged them with more than 50 counts of vandalism.

Doing away with the cane. Several months after returning to the United States, Fay suffered burns to his hands and face after a butane incident.

They think that they can fight back with whatever punishment the teacher gives to them. Scar is a mark left the skin by a wound, sore, etc and it is difficult to varnish. Caning is a method that can forces student to obey the rules of the school. That got me thinking and thus this post.

For example, teachers are always using cane as a punishment to the student who are unfinished their work.

Michael P. Fay

In addition, student also can get the damage after the caning. This is YOUR blog. How you answer that will provide the solution to the big query - Should public caning be allowed in schools? In the city center, cars were found with deep scratches and dents. The deciding question is this.

Somewhere along the way we got carried away with newfangled ideas of enforcing discipline, and the maxim "spare the rod and spoil the child," became anathema to the education system and to parents alike.

The United States Embassy in Singapore pointed out that the graffiti damage to the cars was not permanent, but Public caning essay would leave Fay with physical scars.

Here all can participate freely and without reservation. I still keep in touch with some of my schoolmates and frankly, none of us became mentally stunted or psychologically handicapped because of the caning we got. The merest vision of rod was enough to scare the more surprise students Kayleigh, So, caning is not the corrective punishment that can be used for fix the problem within the students.Jun 26,  · The caning strained Singapore's relations with the United States and has been seen as largely responsible for the United States' voting against holding the first summit meeting of the World Trade.

Is Corporal Punishment Effective? Essay; Is Corporal Punishment Effective? Essay. Words 7 Pages. Corporal Punishment This video is opened to the public by a student in the class posting it on the Internet.

it has been called spanking, paddling, caning, lashing, popping, smacking, whipping or beating. Each term carries its own. KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 ― Those who disagree with state laws enabling public caning of Muslim offenders should push for the laws to be changed in the state legislative assemblies, Parti Amanah Negara.

The American Public Health Association defines corporal punishment as "the infliction of bodily pain as a penalty for behavior disapproved by the punisher"(American Public Health Association).

[tags: Corporal Punishment Essays]. Public caning in schools is a form of corporal punishment to the students for misbehavior that involve striking a student a number of times in front of the Malaysia,caning is usually only applied to male students but now the idea of making caning to girls lawful has recently been mint-body.comr,in the year of ,public caning is banned in.

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