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Second to planning, controlling and initiation processes had been given more attention. Data Collection Methods In this research, data was predominantly collected by using survey questionnaire. Since it was difficult to get a person who understands the overall activity of a project and also workers who were involving during the project implementation time have already left process management master thesis pdf project after closeout then the number of sample respondents were limited to three from one project i.

One way to deal with identifying and overcoming the problem of project is to describe project management as consisting of different processes.

Despite all achievement of growth, as it is described in the National Construction Magazine [16], lack of coordination and frequent construction design change is becoming very challenging to the sector.

These processes are generic and can be used by any project. The risk mitigation strategy could have saved the project from failure.

In the achievement of consecutive economic growth for the last twelve years in Ethiopia, the contribution of construction industry is very significant. Introduction Project management processes are increasing in importance as more and more projects are becoming constrained to budgets, schedules and other performance factors.

The distinction between project efficiency and project effectiveness is not yet clearly identified but in the field of quality management the concept of effectiveness and efficiency is applied in a defined way such as, efficiency is to do things right and on the other hand effectiveness is doing the right things.

Journal of Management in Engineering, 20 1. One example is in the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide [11] which describes the different stages of a project as processes.

Hence, to alleviate these problems, it is recommended that effective project management processes which are identified by this research output must be implemented in projects.

Those answered questions were categorised according to their respective process groups and subject groups then percent of applied processes were computed. Project management involves project planning, monitoring, and control. Next to resource process, integration processes had been given more attention.

At the final stage of the research, the findings were summarized then conclusion was drawn and the author has looked into building theory based on findings from data analysis and interpretation result. In conclusion, this research output has shown that the triple constraints like cost, quality and time as well as communication processes of the subject groups are the most effective project management processes towards success of a project.

It was identified in the study that construction professionals and owners stakeholders of projects usually do not discuss and communicate each other adequately and regularly also they design the project without having knowledge of the location of the project site.

The research was conducted by using a survey approach where primary data was collected using survey questionnaire from selected respondents. Findings were based on data analysis then conclusion and generalisation was made with respect to findings. Even though the research aimed on the national level, due to time and financial limitation, it focused on building construction projects in Addis Ababa.

Guidance on project management, Ethiopian Standard, Addis Ababa. In view of its importance, large investments were made by governments all across the globe for many years. There is a research by Hyvari [8] which mainly focused on investigating the effectiveness of project management in terms of organisational structure, technical competence, leadership ability and characteristics of an effective project manager.

Moreover, from the results of survey analysis, the author deducted that DMC-EMTE project either has done more on paper work than on implementation or the results were over emphasized.

These days, factors that have an impact on project effectiveness are the main subject of study by researchers.

At the same time, the organisation can prove both internally and externally that it delivers quality project because, they have worked based on the independent standard. The result of his research indicated that organisational design is associated with project management effectiveness.

Unfortunately, adequate researches had not been done in evaluating effectiveness of project management processes on performance of projects in Ethiopia. The effect of six sigma projects on innovation and firm performance. Research Limitations The research strategy employed a characteristic of case survey; one of the limitations of survey research is the problem of meaning where respondents may vary in the understanding of the questions.

Therefore, this could be the main reason why the project failed. The topic and the required information had been briefly disclosed on the cover page of the questionnaire for clarity and purpose of gathering relevant data.

The ability to compare is critical in order to be able to work on improvements by linking processes to project management so that the problem can be addressed.

But in order to discuss effectiveness in project management a common views need to be established between academics and practitioners. Subject group requirements applied in AUCC project From the above descriptive statistics and its corresponding graph one can understand that AUCC project had applied planning process at a higher degree than other processes.

International Journal of Project Management, 19 8 If processes can be identified in a project-based organization, and if the concepts of effectiveness can be applied to evaluate processes then it would be possible to evaluate the project management process over time in terms of performance [12].

In general, the study conducted by Federal Ethics and Corruption Agency in has remarked that from the sample of projects studied in Ethiopia, repetitive design change has occurred in construction projects, therefore, this problem has contributed in declining to meet the planned evaluation method for Business Process Management products.

This chapter is further structured as follows: Section presents the motivation of this work, Section states the objectives of this thesis, Section presents the approach adopted in the development of this thesis and.

The research goals of this master's thesis are: to review the scientific literature in the field of business process management and explore the important concepts and terms.

STUDENT THESIS Master of Science in Project Management and Operational Development TOPIC: Critical Success Factors: Telecommunication Network equipment Procurement projects. A case study of MTN Nigeria. is a means of understanding and improving the project management process.


Getachew, Y‘Causes of failure of projects financed by development bank of Ethiopia: The case of corporate credit process’ Master’s thesis, Addis Ababa University.

[15] Project Management Institute. The thesis is relevant in practice as it helps organizations in their BPM portfolio management process by providing a tool to identify, discuss and prioritize their possible BPM improvement opportunities.

Process management master thesis pdf
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