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By doing this, McDonald will create a special image of its burger among the customers. Illustrate differences in marketing products and services to businesses rather than consumers Different business organizations have different kinds of products.

Chand II The tailored suit for men are manufactured specifically for the people who like to wear exactly their size, high executive or people at high post in society. Products are divided in different sectors. Hence, this targeting strategy is the most suitable for McDonald. Another most important aspect of environment analysis is macro environment.

The customers obviously have the greatest impact on the marketing decision of the firm. Discounts must be given and the firm must spend less on advertising. Facilities should be dynamic and modern. There are some of the pricing strategies that a firm commonly follows: Ultimate result will be that customers will get unsatisfied and firm will not be able to develop loyal base of customers Wang, How and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing.

The customers are becoming more environmental friendly. Price skimming strategy is adopted by the firm which have a good brand image or have unique product. Basically the adoption of this strategy is possible when the firm has a competitive advantage. It has been said that by analyzing the consumer behavior of people, advertising message must be drafted by the advertiser.

It is clear that difference in marketing products and services to business rather than customers. On the other hand, firm has to bear a lot of monetary costs to effectively implement a market orientation concept.

The economic factors also influence the behavior of the individual. This process also enables less cost being put into the process and less investment will be made in innovation. These all are known as elements of marketing process. Promotion- In order to promote a product, firm will use social media and sales promotion techniques.

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Motivation, perception, learning, beliefs and attitudes are the psychological factors affect the consumer. There is risk for company if suppliers fail to deliver goods at time.

McDonald is following this concept and under different channels of communication, it conveys the same message.

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment

Till now organization has targeted its market of wealthy, well educated and white collar customers. The targeting customer of Boots and Superdrug will be same but there will be slight difference. Other promotional strategies are coordination, repetition, consistency and reach. The marketing decisions are to be made after the analysis of the micro and macro environmental factors because they have a direct impact on the marketing strategy and the marketing decisions need to be taken accordingly.

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In countries where weather condition remains cold it can offer hot coffee and in hot climate areas cold energy drinks and cold coffee can be offered.

The position activities are related to improving the image of the customer in the mind of the consumer and the after sale experience which the consumer will have after using the product. Most of their shops are situated in densely populated and prime areas like railways and bus stations and nearby areas of community, supermarkets, and shopping malls and so on.

In niche market Strategies Company needs Marketing principles group assignment focus on a single product and in micro market segment group can be a small group which is chosen by a company according to convenience. In such messages, it makes an attempt to make people aware about its product and to feel positive with regard to same Cravens and Piercy, Company also has to bear cost of hiring such marketing experts.

If product in the market would gain a huge success then that product will become the core competency of McDonald. If marketing department wants to achieve its marketing objectives it should integrated its promotional activities.Read this essay on Principles of Marketing Assignment.

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• Level of competition in the market • Fixed and variable cost of the company • Target group.

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Principles of Marketing | Course Assignments Reports & Short Presentations The Marketing Each group is assigned a company and is to create a new good or service. The new product must be consistent with the company that the group is assigned.

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment Introduction Marketing department is a backbone of a business and the company growth is only possible through effective marketing (Lee & Carter, ).

Marketing principles group assignment
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