How to write a good description for facebook page

How to Write Good Facebook Content for a Business

There was an error submitting your subscription. How are you doing it? They arrived at the house just behind the fire trucks, the street alive in a glow of lights and sirens, their house ablaze. Know what your marketing message for each page is and communicate it clearly within this character limit.

The description is roughly 90 words. People can get updates about the weather elsewhere; they follow your business to find out about upcoming products or services, sales and promotions. Their findings suggest that link format trumps photos, and their guidelines point to a post type—status, photo, link, video—that fits the story.

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Put your subject directly before the verb. The problem is that many authors have a hard time writing a good book description.

Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post: Exactly What to Post to Get Better Results

What is the primary action that drives your book? Appeal to the senses Words with strong sensory associations always increase your chances of yielding an empathic response.

From the description, I know the book is a psychological thriller featuring a young woman on the run from some very nasty people. Use your meta description as a marketing message and ensure it communicates the value the user will get from coming to you.

Do you get more engagement when you share an optimized link or a photo? So, optimizing it for this is a good idea. What will motivate the reader to add your book to his or her cart? Never bury important information in the middle.

When you edit your work, spend considerable time scrutinizing your sentences to make sure the action maximizes full descriptive potential.

In the first version, the sentence ends with a description of the colors of the blaze, hardly essential information. Then start filling your queue with quality content. I now own it. Even in an online environment, the book description can bridge the gap between having just another title among a sea of choices and a sellable book worth reading.

Post short, to-the-point status updates with a conversational tone.2 Write a Business Description; 3 Launch a Successful Facebook Business Page; 4 Get 10 Leads a Day on Facebook; Ketchum, Dan.

"How to. The five main ingredients in a perfect Facebook post that can help you get more reach, engagement, clicks, and comments. including information on the page’s title, description, and photos. When you paste a link into the update box on your Facebook page, Facebook will pull this information in automatically and place it in a link format.

I have just set up a new page for the first time. I entered a "description" on setup, thinking it would automatically show on the page. Does anyone have any idea how I can access this description so I can put it on the "about"???

Although conventional logic would hold that it's universally wiser to write a good meta description rather than let the engines scrape a given web page, Keep in mind that social sharing sites like Facebook commonly use a page's meta description tag as the description that appears when the page is shared on their sites.

Without the meta. 4 Inspiring Examples of an Engaging Facebook About Page July 16, How to Write an Attention-Getting Facebook About Page The other thing that is great about this Page is that they have a lot of information listed on their About Page in the Long Description.

This information is all indexed in Google and you have a lot of room here (I put. Jan 16,  · Marketing your business across all your social media channels can be confusing and time consuming.

In the case of your Facebook business' page short description you may be trying to write as much.

How to write a good description for facebook page
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