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We use mostly cotton clothes; and these can be washed easily. We should understand that cleanliness it not only responsibility of our prime minister however, it is the responsibility of each and every person living on this earth.

The public areas such roads, parks, railway stations, etc. Importance of Moral Education: It is essential for the good health. We should keep the water bodies free from pollutants.

We should clean washroom regularly and use separate slippers for washroom. Because we cannot be perfectly clean, if our neighbors are dirty. Cleanliness is the first and foremost thing to be near to the god.

The celebration of World Environment Day is also takes place every year having the same objectives of cleanliness. It is a big step to bring cleanliness into habit of our kids.

Cleanliness Essay

This is the reason why priests of any religion tell to be clean from body and mind before worship. We should take bath with soap, cur our nails, wear well washed and pressed clothes on daily basis.

A clean and healthy life helps in refining the culture of a society and reflects in every aspect of life such as art, architecture, food, music and so on.

Cleanliness is a habit of keeping ourselves physically and mentally clean including with our home, pet animals, surroundings, environment, pond, river, schools, etc. There arises hygiene and sanitation issues. More importantly, cleanliness is termed an indispensable fundamental of our role as a leader.

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Cleanliness is way to godliness and godliness is way to balance mind, soul and body. It is a part of our civilization. Clean habits with nice dress sense creates good impression on others and good reputation in the society because cleanliness reflects a clean character of the person.

It is very sorrowful when we think that they keep dirty.

Essay on Cleanliness

We should have separate wardrobe for shoes, and never carry dirty shoes inside our rooms. Teaching and learning material regarding cleanliness and hygiene should be included in the curriculum and textbooks.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness Essay 6 words Cleanliness is next to godliness is a most common and famous proverb which means cleanliness is everything for the goodness.

The Cleanliness among students in the schools can be promoted through many activities such as cleaning of the school campus, classrooms, labs and events such as the poster making on cleanliness, the presentations on waste segregation, the essay writing, painting and poems recitations competitions etc.

In this regard, serious steps are required at multiple levels to make this precious value of our faith part of our individual and collective lives. If possible, you may bathe and wash your whole body. Cleanliness gives us a cheerful mind. All dislike and avoid dirty men.

Besides physical cleanliness, we should also maintain mental and intellectual cleanliness.Cleanliness,” observedJacob Burckhardt, β€œis indispensable to our modern notion of social perfection.”[3] A household or workplace may be said to exhibit cleanliness, but not ordinarily purity; cleanliness also would be a characteristic of the people who maintain cleanness or prevent dirtying.

Cleanliness gives us a cheerful mind. We are more interested to write on a clean khata than on a dirty one. Hence, we write more and better. We like to read clean books. Hence, we read more and understand better. So, cleanliness brings us progress and improvement in.

So for keeping good health we should have regular bath, we should clean our body, clothes and surroundings. We should also avoid dirty food. Men of clean habits are liked by all. All dislike and avoid dirty men. Their dirty habits spread the germs of disease. Cleanliness of the body brings about the purity of.

Essay on Importance of Cleanliness in Our Life Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On November 9, By Gyan Cleanliness is important for healthy mind, body and spirit.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness Essay 1 ( words) Cleanliness is next to Godliness means cleanliness lead the way to godliness or goodness. Through the practice of the proper cleanliness we can keep ourselves physically and mentally clean which really make us good.

Cleanliness among students in the schools are promoted through many activities like cleaning of school campus, classrooms, labs, poster making on cleanliness, waste segregation, essay writing, painting on cleanliness, poems recitation, group discussion, documentary videos etc.

Good films to write an essay on cleanliness
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