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They had homework to do. These were the idealized standards held by the town for its young males. Both they, and the social milieu in which they worked out their identities and relationships, need to be judged and changed.

Advanced Search Our guys: Kyle Scherzer was found guilty of second-degree conspiracy, first-degree aggravated sexual assault by use of force or coercion, and second-degree attempted aggravated sexual assault.

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Is that an excuse? This book is about a terrible rape of a mentally retarded girl who wanted desperately to be a friend of the boys. The glen ridge rape Essay, term paper, research paper: Get out of here.

His family, too, would later feel forced to move out of town. Patriarchy was practiced in many homes. But the investigation of this story found a pattern of abuse which hurt many girls. They had formed their alliances as early as the elementary and middle grades, and once they found their place on the social map of adolescent Glen Ridge, they stayed there.

They had homework to do. A girl who gave oral sex was "hovering. She thought of them as her heroes. The sentence for those found guilty was so light, the boys "hugged each other and laughed as if they were celebrating a victory. Get out of here.

Our guys: The glen ridge rape and the secret life of the perfect suburb

But these Glen Ridge kids, they were pure gold, every mother"s dream, every father"s pride. No one in the community seemed ready to stand by these middle-school girls, these young freshmen and sophomores.

Humanities Essays See all college papers and term papers on Humanities Essays Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. The rape of their retarded friend was an ugly affair.

And if they did submit, it only meant unusual humiliation and further demands. This author spent a great deal of time in town around kids and came to recognize their subcultures or groups as any effective youth worker would.

Special attention is given to the Jocks, as they are the subject of this book. A Town, a Team, and a Dreamwhich is less upbeat that the fondly remembered NBC television show, but very absorbing, and here the football team are the heroes. As one male student stated: A total of six boys left while the victim undressed.

At this point, a sophomore and another underclassman left. Many of them acted as groupies, or Jockettes, as they were called. Girls started life in this town with love and care "expecting to be treated as equal human beings by the boys they knew, but they quickly learned it was better not to trust anybody.

Glen Ridge rape

The town reveled in and rehearsed its victories. Somewhat of an athlete herself, she looked up to the jocks. The convictions were upheld.View Essay - from CCJ at Florida Atlantic University.

Running head: Glen Ridge Rape Case Vs. Steubenville Rape Case Glen Ridge Rape Case V. Steubenville Rape Case Destiny. Many claimed that the boys were headed towards promising futures and football careers.

Glen Ridge High School is a top rated, public school located in Glen Ridge, NJ. It has students in grades with a student-teacher ratio of 11 to /5(). Seven boys stayed, all football players, and all seniors but one. The victim was then orally raped. She was forced to bend over and the boys took turns vaginally penetrating her.

Essay/Term paper: The glen ridge rape

The victim was then penetrated with a broom by two of those present, and she was penetrated with a baseball bat. Our Guys: The Glen Ridge Rape and the Life of the. In March a group of teenage boys lured a retarded girl into a basement in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and gang-raped her. Glen Ridge was the kind of peaceful, affluent suburb many Americans dream about.

The rapists were its most popular high school athletes. And although rumors of the crime quickly 4/5. The Freaks, known in Glen Ridge as ‘Giggers,’ gathered on the smoking patio. The Greasers, here called ‘Guidos,’ sauntered over to the Glen, a grassy area close to the school, where they could consume their stash of beer without adult interference.

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