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Moreover, she learnt to bark, growl and walk on all fours. Children absorb information rather quickly and emulate behaviour that has been displayed. Due to her lack of human exposure, Oxana lacked verbal skills and was unable to properly develop these verbal skills.

Her parents were alcoholics and were unable to take care of her. Childhood development empowers children for effective independent survival as adults. They often seem mentally impaired and have almost unconquerable trouble learning a human language.

Childhood development is a continuous process. Feral children can be defined as children who have been neglected.

A few examples of this would be Tarzan or Mowgli from Jungle Book. This can continue to be debated in the case of feral children.

Feral children tend to lack the basic social skills that are normally learned in the process of development. Kasper had been given plain black bread and water for years while held prisoner in the dungeon.

One example of this behaviour is in the case of Oxana Malaya. Genie was thirteen when she was rescued but she had the mentality of a four year old. The challenges of the outside world lay the foundation of psychosocial development in children. One example is in the case of Genie.

Researchers have been studying feral children for years. As a result, she developed a keen sense of smell and hearing.

Children who are considered to be feral are unable to use a toilet, walk upright, and eat using utensils.

Feral Child

Memories are retrieved and then used to solve problems; the basis of cognitive development. Child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim states that Amala and Kamala were born mentally and physically disabled.

Feral Children Essay Sample

Genie lived with her parent in California and was locked in a bedroom for thirteen years. These children have difficulty learning the human language. Legendary and fictional feral children are often portrayed as growing up with relatively normal human intelligence and skills and an innate sense of culture or civilization, and survival instincts; their union into human society is made to seem relatively easy, however this is not the case.

She feared that she may be punished if she spoke. Those who were not abandoned by their parents were neglected. Anna Chalaya, an institute director, stated that Oxana had the ability to speak.

Feral children or wild children are deprived of the love and care from family.

Feral Children - Essay Example

In the words of Kenny Guinn: However, since feral children have no or little human contact, they perceive and store information based on their surroundings.

In these rare and unique cases, the debate of nature and nurture continues. They continuously perceive information and store it in their memory. Children are active learners.The Reality of Feral Children Essay. Words 5 Pages. Show More. Mowgli from The Jungle Book, Tarzan, and Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys: all of these characters are examples of how feral children depicted in modern cartoons.

When they hear the term “feral” people often immediately think of children taken in and raised by wild animals. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Feral Children.

Below is an essay on "Feral Children" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Feral Children Imagine living in a world untouched by human society, would you adapt to the wild? "Tlc's Wild Child; the Story of Feral Children" Essay Words | 3 Pages.

The TLC documentary Wild Child; the Story of Feral Children is a documentary that tells the few of many stories of children that have turned to a feral lifestyle due to parental negligence.

Feral Children Essay Sample “ Are we a product of our genes or are we a product of our experiences?

Feral Children

” (Perry, Wild Child: The Story of Feral Children, ). Free Essay: The Wild Children Child: Oxana Malaya The definition of the word feral children is undomesticated children.

It has been a proven case that young.

Feral children essay conclusion
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