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Looking at the case of the sheriff and the rapist, the sheriff was able fix the problem. Decisions based on happiness are short-term. The theory is based on the idea that the morality of an act is based exclusively on its utility.

It is argued that utilitarian goes against some of the moral principles of the society. And from the point of view that the world would be at a better state with less population, it obviously does not follow that a political movement should be put in place to ensure that this comes to pass.

Essay On Bentham's Utilitarian Theory

Request the removal of this essay People also read. The theory can be defined as a life stance with happiness as the final significance.

Morality must offer the dictate that the actions that result to moral duty finally endorse the social welfare. He differentiated the various kinds of happiness, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

The Greater Good; an Essay on Utilitarianism

However there are counterarguments to the fact that utilitarian ethics is a proper theory in political matters.

John Bentham believed that pain and pleasure not only explain our actions but also help us to define what is good and moral. The theory has no provisions for the significance of the action itself, as long as the results are right.

Government can ensure these services by creating a system of rights and obligations. Under the same context, the challenge here is determining the level of greatest good and happiness. Human beings seek happiness, their own and that of others. It is not possible to identify the right cause to take without first thinking critically.

The problem also comes up when the decisions are carried out in ignorance. It will instead make others happy by making it less probable that the crime is committed again. Such benevolent individuals purse the Essays on utilitarian theory of others even at the cost of their own happiness.

Bentham also provided a calculus for determining the balance between pleasure and pain from any action. This is what is referred to as negative utilitarian Shaw We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Questions come up in that what would happen if the people got to realise that the supposed rapist was not the right one. The society is made up of many people and the contentment of the majority should be the key consideration in actions and decisions Ryder Furthermore, Bentham did not distinguish between different forms of pleasure.

This will result with the nurse facing some disciplinary hearing. No one will accept the idea of quick and painless death even as a solution to a long life full of pain.

The society requires leaders who can critically analyse a situation and the alternatives available for it thus picking on the most appropriate. It would be an ethical political decision to use technological means to reduce the population. However, the action is controversial even to date for the suffering and harm it caused people in that country Quinton It is still grouped under the unjust and irresponsible acts of the humanity.

One of the examples of such an act is the global issue concerning global warming. Those moral acts that are not in a position to produce the greatest happiness are generally wrong as per the theory.

Ethics is an enormous guideline that streamlines the actions of the people and places a barrier in achieving success through unlawful means. It is a theory that has a considerable impact on the society, and at the same time one that is faced with criticism for going against the fundamentals moral principles of the society Ryder In reality, any action taken in this case comes with blame, but one outweighs the other.

A utilitarian will make a decision based on its merit that is utilitarianism is a theory that produces that always produces happiness for the greater number of people. He brings in the influence of religion on ethics involving power which is beyond human understanding. The rationale behind his act is to avoid race demonstrations and possible loss of lives.

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The Utilitarian Theory Essay Sample

This is regardless of the act utilized in achieving it. When such a rule is being applied to situations, there is no need for speculations.Utilitarianism, deontological, and virtue theory ethics are three normative approaches to ethics.

Utilitarianism Critical Essays

This paper will go over the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological principles.  Utilitarianism Essay Fields, Vickie Grand Canyon University: PHI November 9, Utilitarianism Essay Utilitarianism is a theory in ethics regarding actions that maximize utility Utilitarianism is human- centered and has a foundation of morality.

A utilitarian will make a decision based on its merit that is utilitarianism is a theory that produces that always produces happiness for the greater number of people. Therefore if one child dies it. UTILITARIANISM Utilitarianism as an ethical theory is seen as 'an act that is morally correct if it results in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of.

Utilitarian theory is thus unattractive to political morality (Quinton ). Conclusion. This paper seeks to find out whether the utilitarian is an attractive theory of political morality. It is evident that utilitarian is a positive theory that would be capable of producing positive results where actions are carried out for.

Theory of Utilitarianism of Learning The Theory of Utilitarianism The founder of the theory of utilitarianism was Jeremy Bentham (). Bentham saw the mechanism, which is the engine of human acts, in the human psyche, namely human feelings of pain and pleasure.

Essays on utilitarian theory
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