Emotional intelligence 2 0 summary and assessment

The average person has about 50, thoughts per day, each of which trigger chemical reactions in your brain that influence your emotions and behavior. Self-Management Strategies This chapter presents 17 specific strategies, things that you can start doing today, that will help you manage your emotions to your benefit.

Apply your EQ skills to find something that helps you through the situation or improves it. You should also seek to understand why your good moods happen, both for the sake of understanding your emotions better, and to avoid harm that can come from a good mood irrational exuberance, for example.

Obtain agreement on next steps. Ask a skilled self-manager about his or her self-management processes in order to gain insights to modify your own behavior. Self-Awareness Strategies This chapter introduces you to 15 original strategies, which were designed to help you maximize your self-awareness to create positive changes in your life.

The authors then arm us with the following 66 tips for improving the various dimensions of EQ, which we can read in their entirety, then select specific ones to put into practice. It begins to build your understanding of emotions by showing what the five core emotions look like in varying degrees of intensity.

New findings shed light on some of the toughest questions facing us today, including: This book gives abundant, practical findings and insights.

Remember the little things that pack a punch. Clear away the clutter.

Share the right goals with the right people who will keep you accountable for each one. The authors unveil a step-by-step program for increasing your emotional intelligence via 66 proven strategies that target self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

This book is excellent and the learning included in the free online test is cutting-edge. Specifically define the degree of anger in each situation that would improve the relationship. The difference is your mental purpose: Step into their shoes.

Focus your attention on your freedoms, rather than your limitations.

Ask the other person to help you understand how he or she feels. Put physical exercise on your schedule rather than trying to fit it in if you have time. Many of the previous points apply; consider sleeping on the feedback, or making an emotion vs. The authors suggest taking time every week or two to write down some changes that could potentially happen in important areas of your life, as well as actions you would want to take if those changes happen.

Feel your emotions physically. We found it very helpful in our dealings with each other and our internal customers. Relationship Management Strategies 1.

About the Authors Drs.Emotional Intelligence summary. In-depth, chapter-by-chapter summary of Emotional Intelligence by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves. In this Emotional Intelligence summary, we’ll give an outline of the EQ definition, skills and strategies.

For the full details, examples and tips, do get a copy of the book, or get a detailed overview with our complete book summary bundle.

Emotional Intelligence 0 Summary

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The book, Emotional Intelligenceprovides an alternative approach to how a person achieves success. This book does not focus on the conventional determinant of success, such as formal education and training, experience, and intelligence level (IQ).

Essay on Emotional Intelligence Summary and Assessment Words Aug 14th, 4 Pages The book, Emotional Intelligenceprovides an alternative approach to how a .

Emotional intelligence 2 0 summary and assessment
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