Drought problems and its solution

Farmers may lose money if a drought destroys their crops. Even if daily water supply is not possible, periodically drinking water can be supplied to the worst hit villages.

Just a spoonful of healthy soil rich in organic carbon will have billions of microbes that help plants thrive.

Widespread deforestation and cutting of trees has reduced the ability of soil to hold water. Affected areas in the western Sahel belt during the drought. Department of Agriculture agency. Advantages of connecting rivers with pipeline Pipes can pass through villages and cities.

Which brings us to man-made fog catchers. Other problem is with powerful and famous people. If we start the cycle manually, nature takes care of it from then. I prefer the free infinite energy sources for pumping water.

One example is WaterSmarta data analytics and customer engagement platform. There should be a central controlling system for the complete connected pipeline.

Economic Impacts

There is also enormous potential in untapped resources on the supply side as well, said Gleick, including wastewater reuse and stormwater supply. Drought means lack of trees. Industry suffers a setback due to the scarcity of raw materials produced by agriculture. Like floods, drought is a grave natural calamity that affects Indian life, its agriculture, industry, and economy.

As the state looks for ways to water golf courses, ball fields, or flush toilets, it would be far cheaper to re-use the water we already pay for, by investing in reverse plumbing instead of expensive new dams and pipes to pump more costly water from the north or the Colorado River.

Essay on Drought: Meaning, Causes, Evil effects, and Solution

But there are more high-tech options. At every end point of pipeline, warning bells will be installed.What can be a simple solution to the drought problem in the US?

Drought impact causes several problems of different nature, in particular, when we talk about a very big country like US. Drought-scourged countries see industry stopped in its tracks, and famers’ crops and livestock fail which is soon followed by malnutrition and disease, often on an unimaginable scale.

Biotechnology could be a permanent solution for this problem with the development of drought-tolerant crops. Plant genes that are related to stress tolerance have been isolated initially from Arabidopsis and introduced to several crop plants through genetic engineering. Solving the Drought.

Drought, floods and rivers interlinking

California is suffering through a major drought, and last year was the driest in state history. We know it’s another example of the kind of extreme weather we’ll see more of unless we solve global warming. and ordinary Californians, are feeling its impact.

The driest year on record. Last year was the driest in. Watch video · Drought is a global problem - we need a global solution we need a global solution Its impacts are global. Some say drought triggered the crisis in Syria that sent tens of thousands of.

California is now in its fourth year of drought and needs to quickly get a plan together to insure drinking water for its 38 million residents.

Here are 10 solutions to California's record-breaking.

Drought problems and its solution
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