Chrysanthemum name writing activity

Download a PDF of my name research organizer. Here are their finished projects: The Writing Process This early in the school year, I wanted to provide a structure to help all of my students feel successful in their writing.

Open a new word processing document. I wanted to structure a very controlled experience for this first class foray onto the Web, so I directed the students to a prescreened list of resources on my classroom Web site. First published inthis classic book discusses the most important things about an apple, snow, a shoe, a spoon, grass, etc.

I provided two paper format choices for my students. Just print out the paper onto regular computer paper and trim the margins. I also set out a basket with a variety of baby name books borrowed from the public library.

Copy and paste the name at least twenty times. You would never believe how much excitement baby name books generated among my students! I taught the following sequence of skills: Download my name research interview form.

We covered a lot of the basic word processing skills my students will need throughout the year with this one simple project. Change the fonts, colors, and sizes of the names the students loved this part!

Then mount their writing onto construction paper. With a Side of Tech Art After my students worked through an abridged writing process, they wrote the final piece on 6" x 9" lined paper.

This was a new microgenre for most of my students, and they eagerly pored over the books with their partners.

This was hardly a quiet reading period. Several of my students immediately made the connection and explained that they can use the pattern from the book to organize their writing.

Next, my students created name collages to decorate their writing. I read parts of this deceptively simple book to my students, and we discussed how Margaret Wise Brown organized her observations.

After my students printed their name document, they cut out their names and arranged them as a border for their writing. My students researched their names in three different ways: Type your name and capitalize the first letter. The classroom was full of exclamations such as:“How can we use The Important Book to help us with our writing about our names?” I asked the class.

Several of my students immediately made the connection and explained that they can use the pattern from the book to organize their writing. They would begin by. In this Chrysanthemum activities packet, you will receive 38+ task cards to go along with the book, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.

You will receive reading comprehension questions, analogies, vocabulary words, extension activities, student response forms, answer keys and reward cards.

What's in a Name? A Back-to-School Literacy Unit

come Do Some Chrysanthemum Activities With Me “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes, is one of my all-time favorite back to school books. It’s perfect for a variety of ages, and especially wonderful as an introduction to name activities, as well as discussions about teasing, bullying and “filling buckets”.

Then, I write Chrysanthemum’s name on the name train using a dry erase marker. I write my name on a separate name train. We compare the length of my name to Chrysanthemum’s much longer name.

Back to school activities: Chrysanthemum Name "Slider" Craft. Includes 6 black and white patterns, as well as color. What a fun way to practice recognizing, writing and spelling your name. * Chrysanthemum “Promise Pledge” Bulletin board display and writing prompt activity with * 30 “I Promise” photo name cards.

If you enjoy crafts, then I think you'll really like the * Simple paper chrysanthemum flower craft, which you can do at the beginning of the .

Chrysanthemum name writing activity
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