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Each stall was 15 feet wide and 20 feet long. They exhibited their books on racks so nicely that one cannot but have a look at them and will be tempted to make some purchases. Nearly all are produced in paperback ; a hardback edition is a sign of serious intentions.

To add to this, Book exhibition essay the books are of permanent value and therefore I was feeling satisfied. Thus, they visited different stalls to make their own choice. To eye books of so many varieties and that too in a large number at a time is really a wonderful experience.

All sorts of books such as books Book exhibition essay literature, fictions, novels, dramas, science, medicine, religion, philosophy and so on are brought for display and sell in the fair.

I noticed that there was a crowd over at a corner. People were engaged to look after them.

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This is not always so: Every stall was very impressive no doubt, but the most attractive among all was the seating arrangements made for the enthusiastic and curious readers by few publications. Anyhow after having a look at the titles of so many novels I was inspired to try my hand in writing.

The stalls were attractively decorated. It is really a healthy sign for a nation if its people take more and more interest in reading books.

The visitors entered each stall, welcomed by the smiling salesmen, went around inside it looking at the books arranged subject wise in different sections.

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Besides bookstalls there are a number of canteens found in the book fair. The good thing about exhibitions is that usually there are free gifts and items on offer. I next came upon computers on display. I was a very pleasant experience for me.

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We discussed this with our teacher to visit this mega event. There were hoardings everywhere "All for books and books for all. The number of bookstalls should be great in number, for, it takes at least one or two hours to go round the various bookstalls and buy the books we want.

Next I moved on to less crowded areas and look at the books. The government and publishers must look into the matter in order to help the reader collect his book in a cost effective price to keep his attraction up for books. Wherever you cast your eyes, you find books and books only.

Saturday, April 5, Give an account of a visit to a book exhibition Photo Source: People stand in long lines to enter the fair. A typical exhibition catalogue contains the following: Almost all the writers of our country wait for this fair to release their books. As I entered the land of books, I forgot myself.

Book is the source of knowledge. It was a grand occasion for me. In another bookstall there were engineering and medical books and books on many technical subjects like computer science, electronics etc. Thousand of book lovers come to visit the fair and buy books. Catalogues for trade fairs[ edit ] Exhibition catalogues are used at commercial exhibitions and trade fairs to profile all the exhibitors at the event.

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I was in a fix. In that way I happily whiled away a whole afternoon. The whole arena was divided into two sectors. After all of us had assembled and Cikgu Hamid had purchased the books, we headed out of the hall and into the bus. They could see the books, go through them and make their choice freely.words comprehensive essay on A Visit to a Book Fair.

Article shared by. Free sample essay on A Visit to a Book Fair. Book fairs are still in the formative stage of growth and they have not caught the attention of the public. They are an annual feature and even with the grand publicity in the newspapers, in the television and the radio, they.

The book exhibition was held from Friday to Sunday in the town hall. It was jointly organized by the Education Department and a local book shop. On the very first day, I walked over to visit the exhibition immediately after. words short essay on A Visit to a Book Fair. Article shared by.

Free sample essay on A Visit to a Book Fair. Book fair is a great event of attraction for the intelligent and book lovers. National book fair is organised by the National. Art Exhibit Essays: OverArt Exhibit Essays, Art Exhibit Term Papers, Art Exhibit Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. I had an occasion to visit a book fair very recently. It was held at Exhibition Ground in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha.

It filled me with so much delight that I can never describe my feelings in mere words. For this assignment write a critical review of an art exhibition called “memory Box” by Bruno Cattani. This assignment is meant to be written from the perspective of an art critic.I have attached photos of the art which is to be critiqued.

For this assignment evaluate the art work and compare it to other pieces Continue reading "Exhibition Review".

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