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Jefferson Davis an American statesman and politician who served as President of the Confederate States of America for its entire history from to James Gadsden Jefferson Davis had James Gadsden buy an area of Mexico from Santa Anna for which the railroad would pass.

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William Walker installed himself as the President of Nicaragua in July Britain gained free access to the five treaty ports as well as control over Hong Kong The Black Warrior Spanish officials in Cuba seized this American steamer inso President Pierce declared war, but the major European powers England, Spain, and Russia were already involved in the Crimean War Caleb Cushing American diplomat who negotiated the Treaty of Wanghia with China in Treaty of Wanghia The first diplomatic agreement between China and America in history, signed on July 3, Perry in presented the Japanese with a letter from the President calling for Japan to grant trading rights to Americans, they signed a treaty opening Japan for trade in Treaty of Kanagawa an agreement between the United States and Japan, which opened two Japanese ports to U.

InRockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company and ran it until he retired in the late s. Lewis Cass-father of popular sovereignty Democrat. Apush chapter 18 the age ss Leader of the Fugitive Slave Law, which forced the cooperation of Northern states in returning escaped slaves to the south.

He argued on the grounds that society is supposed to have an upper ruling class that enjoys the profit of a working lower class. It was an attempt to make Kansas a free state, despite earlier agreements that Kansas would be admitted as a slave state.

News of the discovery brought somepeople to California from the rest of the United States and abroad.

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Northern states could be held legally accountable and required to offer compensation to slaveholders for not returning runaway slaves. It resolved competing land claims in favor of slaveholders. Since America signed as a nation interested in trade instead of colonization, it was rewarded with extraordinary amount of trading power.

It sought to bypass normal preconditions for moving from territory status to statehood. Was a philanthropist in a way; he gave all the money needed for WWI and was payed back. Winfield Scott was a United States Army general, diplomat, and presidential candidate.

He staged an attack on Kansas that came to be known as Bleeding Kansas. A slave could be taken into any state and remain a slave, regardless of whether the state itself was slave or free. Dred Scott and his wife were to retain their slave status for life, unless their owner determined to set them free.

He had many views on the extension of slavery such as Popular Sovereignty. He made the Gadsden Purchase, which opened the Northwest for settlement, and passed the unpopular Kansas-Nebraska Act.

Leads to formation of sectional parties instead of national parties. He popularized the use of steel rails in his railroad, which made railroads safer and more economical. Stowe claimed that God wrote the book. As a slave, Dred Scott could not sue in federal courts. Scott; Antislavery North vs.

WHIG party splits over nomination Fillmore v.

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British seized this area and drove the US and Colombian governments to conclude a treaty in He helped pass the Compromise of by gaining the support of Northern Whigs for the compromise.

Died before it was passed however. Zachary Taylor became president, died in office, making his vice president Millard Fillmore president Gold Rush of began on January 24,when gold was found by James W.

He badly beat Senator Charles Sumner over a provocative speech against popular sovereignty and slavery.

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Unlike the American Federation of Labor, the Knights of Labor welcomed all laborers regardless of race gender or skill American Federation of Labor Founded by Samuel Gompers inthe AFL was a loose alliance of national craft unions that organized skilled workers by craft and worked for specific practical objectives such as higher wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions.

Guaranteed the right of American transit across the isthmus in return for perfect neutrality Clayton-Bulwer Treaty — Treaty between U. Morgan Banker who buys out Carnegie Steel and renames it to U. Gets bought out by banker JP Morgan and renamed U.Apr 09,  · Chapter 18 – Section One - The Age of the City 1.

Explain the various migrations to American cities after the Civil War, describing the who, when, where, and reasons why people were migrating. AP* US History. On-Line Test Preparation. Companion Website - AP* World History Are you tired of using the same old textbook, but your school budget makes it impossible to even consider a new book adoption?

Start studying APUSH - Chapter The Machine Age. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. APUSH Chapter 18 Haymarket Riot On May 4,a demonstration in Chicago’s Haymarket Square to protest the slayings of two workers during a strike turned into a violent riot after a bomb explosion killed seven policemen.

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