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I hope we will live long enough to see this type of films. In those years, there was no About comedy films essay in movies, but people were able to laugh at the mimics and movements.

There are several sentimental movies. People watch sentimental films since the subject of these movies is not new for people. They include naughty young people who make fun of their adulthood.

The action films deals with the endless action around us, and even the action around of ancient people and rulers.

Directors and producers use computerized technics, and several action films are made in unreal studios or in computers with computerized technics. There are several poplular comedies. There are countless action movies that I can remember.

In this types of movies, we usually come across with dramatic stories, modern love stories, and tragic love stories. Moreover, there is no age for watching comedy films. Furthermore, there are lots of explosion effects, hot pursuits between police and bad men in many action films.

The second type of movies is sentimental films. In brief, I catagorized movies into three common types according to their popularity. The movie industry has become the largest industry with millions of employees, and producers have started to earn enourmous amount of money from the movies that they made.

They are the latest product of high-tech industry. Some people watch action films in order to see explosions, blood, adventure, violence, visual effects, and popularity of these films. Sometimes life is boring and dull, and usually it is the problems that people face that make life boring. In fact, they affect us as sometimes they are produced with huge budgets.

I suppose that as viewers, we will have a chance to join the movie with a character which we choose from the movie and the scenerio will continue in the way that we act.

Developing technology allows them to built imaginary places or they can make a small-model of the place. Comedies are inevitable type of movies since people always seek fun and entertainment or joy, recreation in their lives.

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They had a chance to join entertaining, interesting, and even amazing world of television and cinema because the life they saw in movies usually resembled their daily life. After that, they started to produce new films. The development of movie industry started with the invention of video camera, and no one can know the future of movie sector.

In Matrix, producers used computers many times. The serie is not historical, it was the history which was written by Tolkein.

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The first type of movies is comedies. After years, television and cinema were invented, and people gradually understood the importance of these gadgets. Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, the imaginary historical fiction of Tolkein, get the highest revenue all around the world.

Action films are always favourite since they are different from others. Both of these films have a unexpected love stories.May 26,  · If you love visual comedy, you gotta love Edgar Wright, one of the few filmmakers who is consistently finding humor through. Comedy Films This Research Paper Comedy Films and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on mint-body.com Autor: senior14 • November 20, • Research Paper • Words (3 Pages) • Views/5(1).

Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. why people watch comedy. Extracts from this document Introduction The first reason why people watch comedy movies is because they want to be entertained.

Recipients like to do be entertained because they want to relax and try to escape from reality. Home Essays Comedy Essay. Comedy Essay.

Topics: Cinderella, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is a classic comedy film that has the audience laughing throughout the entire movie.

The movie tells the story of Ian and Toula and their interesting and hilarious journey to marriage. Free Essay: About Comedy Films Our exam topic is based on Comedy films.

Comedy is very individual and subjective. Comedy is inherent, different audiences. The Comedy films is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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